Re: [eigen] Is it really impossible to modify a column of a matrix with in function?

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On 30.08.2011 12:56, Helmut Jarausch wrote:
It would be nice if there were a proxy class doing this for me.
E.g. within my own (dated) matrix/vector class I had proxy classes
Vector_L and Matrix_L which were used as return values and which can be
passed as const reference. All write-access operators, like operator[],
operator>>  and operator== do const casting internally.

Basically this would be a Block<MatrixType, Dynamik, 1> in your case, however you could not pass a normal VectorXi to your method then, because there is no implicit cast to a templated type, iirc.

Maybe something can be worked out, if bug 58 is worked on someday:
I started working on a proposal once, but unfortunately never find time to finish :(


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