[eigen] A question for MSVC experts

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in StdVector.h, for MSVC we have the following lines:

  using vector_base::insert;
  iterator insert(const_iterator position, const value_type& x)
  { return vector_base::insert(position,x); }
  void insert(const_iterator position, size_type new_size, const value_type& x)
  { vector_base::insert(position, new_size, x); }

On win32 builds this seems to produce compilation errors like:

"2 overloads have similar conversions"

Actually, I don't really understand the purpose of these two overloads
of insert(). Same for push_back which is simply implemented as:

void push_back(const value_type& x)
{ vector_base::push_back(x); }

According to this thread:
http://forum.kde.org/viewtopic.php?f=74&t=95499 removing these lines
fix the issue and does not introduce new errors.

So does anybody remember what was their purpose?


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