Re: [eigen] Using Eigen on SGI Altix uv 100

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2010/12/13 Sreekumar Thaithara <tbs1980@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> I am using eigen on SGI Altix UV 100.
> My operations are very simple. I have  a vector "v" with a dimensionality of
> 1e6. I have to perform the operation
> v=K*v
> where K is a scalar constant. I may have to do this operation 1e5 times.
> Are there any special flags that I should use to improve the performance.
> For example, is it possible to increase speed by using openMP?

Sorry for the late reply!

Make sure that SSE2 is enabled (it's on by default on x86-64).
Eigen doesn't currently parallelize this kind of "BLAS level 1"
operation, although it does parallelize more complex level 3
operations (matrix-matrix products etc) when OpenMP is enabled; but it
is very easy for you to do the parallelization on your end, for such a
simple operation.


> Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.
> Regards,
> Sree

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