Re: [eigen] DontAlign for Quaternion and Transform

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On 14.01.2011 18:28, Jakob Schwendner wrote:
> in july 2010 there was a discussion on this mailing-list:
> As part of this thread, Christoph submitted a patch implementing
> DontAlign for Quaternion.
> However, I was unable to find the patch anywhere in the repo. Was there
> a reason, this was not added?

I can't remember seeing it pushed either. I guess because a lot of
internal changes happened since then, someone has to re-do a patch
anyways (it was not that hard, but I'm -- as always -- currently near a
deadline ...)

> We would also like to have this feature, and I agree, it should also be
> added to Transform.

I filed a bug concerning that and just marked it as blocking 3.0-beta3
since it involves API-changes:


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