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I have some use cases that I'm not sure if they respect the alignement contraints. I would be glad to to have your opinion about that.
Let say I have a class looking like this:
class A
    Eigen::Vector6d v;
So far, I think this is the right way to do it. However, if another class derive from it:
class B : public A
Does the class B has also to use the EIGEN_MAMKE_ALIGNED_OPERATOR_NEW macro?
Let say I have a static library compiled with the EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN flash, which contains this class:
class C
    Eigen::Vector6d v;
Then, if I use this class from another program that is NOT compiled with EIGEN_DONT_ALIGN, e.g.:
int main(void)
    C* my_C = new C();
    Eigen::Vector6d my_v = my_C.v;
    return 0;
In that case, the "v" member of class C is implicitly not aligned. However, the progam doesn't specify anything about alignement. Does this makes sense? Does the casting will be done correctly as in:
Eigen::MAtrix<double, 6, 1, Eigen::DontAlign> v_unaligned;
Eigen::MAtrix<double, 6, 1> v_aligned;
v_aligned = v_unaligned;
Thank you,
Philippe Hamelin
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