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While wrapping Eigen::Sparse iterator into something like :
    NNZSparseIterator& operator++()
            if(++outerIdx >= sp.outerSize())
                outerIdx= 0;
innerIt= typename Sp::InnerIterator(sp, outerIdx); // <- fail
        return *this;

I fail to compile the "// -<fail" line because template<typename Scalar, int _Options, typename _Index> class SparseMatrix<Scalar,_Options,_Index>::InnerIterator has some const members.[*]

Would it be possible to remove this constness in order to have assignable InnerIterator ?

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[*] https://bitbucket.org/eigen/eigen/src/04e0683a1547/Eigen/src/Sparse/SparseMatrix.h#cl-639
m_outer and m_end.

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