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Hi guys,

I noticed that it can be a bit tedious to write all the STL allocator
template arguments for the Eigen::alligned_allocator<>... especially
for std::map's!!

What do you think of adding this small helper to Eigen headers??

template <class TYPE1,class TYPE2=TYPE1>
struct aligned_containers
	typedef std::vector<TYPE1, Eigen::aligned_allocator<TYPE1> > vector_t;
	typedef std::deque<TYPE1, Eigen::aligned_allocator<TYPE1> > deque_t;
	typedef std::map<TYPE1,TYPE2,std::less<TYPE1>,Eigen::aligned_allocator<std::pair<const
TYPE1,TYPE2> > > map_t;
	typedef std::multimap<TYPE1,TYPE2,std::less<TYPE1>,Eigen::aligned_allocator<std::pair<const
TYPE1,TYPE2> > > multimap_t;

It's small, would also avoid possible mismatches between TYPE1 and
TYPE2, which appears 3 and 2 times each, and declaring aligned
containers will be as easy as:

aligned_containers<int,MatrixXd>::map_t myVar;

Probably the best place to add this would be in src/StlSupport/*.

Let me know your opinions!


Dr. Jose-Luis Blanco-Claraco
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