Re: [eigen] something like cwise trinary operator?

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2010/9/30 David Roundy <roundyd@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> I'm wondering if there is a way to generate something like the ((a <
> b) ? c : d) expression that will efficiently operate component-wise on
> an array?

We have this: see the select() method.


> My particular issue is that I am computing (with eigen2)
> x.cwise()*(x.cwise().log()), which is a NaN for elements of x that
> have a value of zero, but the actual limiting value is well-defined
> and zero.  Right now, I'm doing this with an explicit for loop, but
> it'd be considerably nicer if I could do this with an expression.
> Any ideas?
> For the curious (or those of you who might recognize this function),
> it is the same as the Shannon entropy, but in my context it's to
> compute the free energy of an ideal gas at fixed temperature (which is
> -TS where S is the entropy).  To get the actual free energy, we'd have
> to add in the energy term, which would be 3/2kT for a monatomic ideal
> gas.
> --
> David Roundy

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