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I can help on blas lib, I prod you but do not get any answer below oh nice

Le 23 sept. 2010 16:39, "Benoit Jacob" <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx> a écrit :


this is just a braindump.

*** releasing eigen 3 ***

Getting back to it... I would like to have another beta in 3 weeks or
so, then we see from there. Definitely release eigen3 final before the
end of 2010.

*** attracting more core contributors ***

Obviously we've just had the least active month or two in recent Eigen
history. While that can be attributed to the summer and the subsequent
busy back-to-school time of the year, that isn't all. We need to
organize to scale better, and to get more people to step up as more
core contributors.

Right now we have 2 really-really-core-contributors (Gael and me) and
3 other sometimes-core-contributors (Hauke, Jitse, Thomas); and
perhaps 20 occasional contributors. We need to find a way to move
people from "occasional" to "core".

A single "core" contributor who spends like 30% of his active time on
Eigen (which is realistic for e.g. a student; personnally I often
spent 60% of my active time on Eigen in the past, which did eventually
kill my math research, but also got me my current job), is worth
dozens of minor contributors. So let's focus more on fidelizing
contributors. We need more developer documentation, developer
tutorials, and we could even have a series of articles going through
_expression_ templates and Eigen design, etc.

*** scaling ***

That's the other part of the story. Our mailing-list based
organisation doesn't scale. We keep saying "see the discussion we had
on this list 3 months ago..."  To synchronize the eigen3 process we
used tables in wiki pages, which helped a lot. But the real solution
would be to use a real issue tracker that handles dependency trees. So
we could have a tracking bug "release eigen 3.1" depending on "make
sure the SVD really rocks" depending on ... you see the picture.

---> Thomas, does Redmine have dependency trees ?  (i.e. an issue can
depend on others, etc)

I would like us to move to such an issue tracker. It's working really
well for Mozilla (which uses bugzilla, but I'm not sure i'd recommend
it). Not everything works well in Mozilla but this does.

*** API perfectionnism ***

One thing that has slowed down the eigen3 release process is that we
aimed at the most perfectly designed API ever. I think we've come an
amazing way in this direction but now it's time to stop, release
eigen3 as soon as possible, and accept that in eigen 3.1, 3.2... we
will sometimes fix the API by marking existing methods as deprectated
and providing alternatives with different names. Ugly, but every
software project goes through that.


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