Re: [eigen] eigen and boost::multi_array

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Eigen does put all its stuff into namespace Eigen. This means that
unless you do "using namespace Eigen;" you shouldn't get any
pollution. Macros, too, are prefixed with EIGEN_. In addition, we
don't have any match of the string "extent" in Eigen (according to


2010/9/15 Suresh Kumar <suresh.amritapuri@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi
> I was trying to use boost::multi_array in a project where I am already using
> eigen2. The following lines does not compile in my code, though it compiles
> correctly outside my project ie as a standalone program where eigen is not
> used.
> typedef multi_array<double, 2> array_type;
> array_type scores(extents[1][1]);
> compiler error: ‘extents’ is not a type
> I guess it happens because of eigen ..
> Any suggestions?
> thanks
> suresh

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