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As I mentioned in the previous email, I've been having a gander at the
new geometry module. Not sure who's putting it together, but wondering
if they'd mind me picking their brain a bit.

We're using transforms for robotics, so strictly rotations and
translations. A 2D setup might only need 3 variables, angle + x-trans
+ y-trans. A 3D setup could most efficiently run with quaternion + 3
element vector for translation. I see that some optimisations are
being made to the transform class - e.g. CompactAffine. There is also
Isometry - how exactly does this differ from the Affine types, and
was/is there any design thoughts behind more optimised
storage/calculation processes (i.e. quaternion instead of 3d rotation
matrix, angle value instead of 2d rotation matrix)?

Many thanks,
Daniel Stonier.

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