Re: [eigen] Matrices based on compact-triangular storage

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2010/7/30 Manoj Rajagopalan <rmanoj@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Eigen developers,
>  I have the following working:
> 1. CompactTriangularMatrix
> 2. CompactSelfAdjointMatrix
> 3. LLT for #2
> 4. Architecture (see attached crude diagram)
>    (a) matrices indirectly inherit CompactTriangularStorageBase (which
> inherits EigenBase) which allows assignments, increments etc.
>    (b) Wrappers to expressions (like addition, products etc.) indirectly
> inherit CompactTriangularExpressionBase (no assignment etc.)
>   Much work remains like products and solve() but the basic evalTo(),
> addTo(), subTo(), CTOR-initialization and assignment from triangularView<> or
> selfadjointView<> of dense expressions is all working.
>   Is this a good time for me to submit a patch?

It's always a good time to push that to a public fork on

Then when we start doing Eigen 3.1 we can discuss and pull.

Sorry I don't have time now to enter a big design discussion for Eigen
3.1 material.

> Any suggestions at this stage
> by Eigen developers will be good. As I add more, undoing and redoing stuff
> will become difficult for me.
>   Since there is a fair amount of code involved, I was thinking that
> introducing it in small installments would make sense. Initially, just the
> triangular matrix and tests. Later, self-adjoint, and still later LLT etc..
>  Introducing this now would let others test the code, file bugs and help me
> polish this module soon.

A fork on bitbucket allows all of this ;-)

> Thanks,
> Manoj

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