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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to create a 14000 x 14000*22 matrix using the following code

MatrixXf a=MatrixXf::Zero(14000, 14000*22);

The program stopped with the error: "Segmentation fault".

I have 64G RAM in my machine. I think I have enough memory to create
such matrix. 

Anyone knows what's going on?



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Hey Ben,
Thanks for the patches and sorry that I don't have time to look at
them today: we are currently in an incredible rush to get beta1 out
the door, and that means a lot of documentation work. I think that
your stuff is OK to apply post-beta1 anyway. Just wanted to let you
know why we might have long response times these days.

2010/6/26 Ben Goodrich <bgokgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> On Fri, Jun 25, 2010 at 1:50 AM, Ben Goodrich <bgokgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
>>>> 5) I copied-and-pasted a block inside /test/cholesky.cpp and
>>>> the pivot=false option. It seems to work when you do ./check.sh
>>>> cholesky. I did some other tests locally with singular matrices,
>>>> /test/cholesky.cpp does not seem to have any tests with singular
>>>> matrices, so maybe some should be added?
>>> why not.
>> I have not added the singular tests yet, but I can do that soon.
> This patch does so. It seems to work okay with both the Pivoting and
> NoPivoting options from the previous patch.
>>> You should also make the solve function skips the transpositions
>>> no pivoting has been computed.
>> I have not done this yet either. What did you decide about making a
>> new class versus putting a flag in the class definition?
> Gael?
> Thanks,
> Ben

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