Re: [eigen] Issues regarding Quaternion-alignment and const Maps

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Benoit Jacob wrote:
Wow, very good work.

I indeed confirm the 2x speed improvement, and once i moved your
benchmarking code to a non-inlinable function called from main(), it
even got a bit higher (indeed GCC fails to optimize correctly code in
the main() function).

Could you make a patch against the development branch? (We're not
going to add features to 2.0 at this point).

I think I can do that, but most likely not before Monday/Tuesday.

Also, I didn't know about that loaddup instruction in SSE3. It's
great! I'll have a look at using it in ei_pset1 when SSE3 is

It's actually a pity that there is no complete list with *just* all SSE-instructions (not mixed with every other x86-instruction), including a short description, maybe a usage example, and intrinsics for some common compilers. At least I did't find any ...

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