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thanks, but wow.... that's a very long email and that's going to lead
to a very long discussion. How about talking about that when we start
developing 3.1 ?


2010/7/14 Manoj Rajagopalan <rmanoj@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi Eigen developers,
>   Gael's recent reference to the RFPF storage layout for triangular (portions
> of) matrices got me experimenting with implementing a SymmetricMatrix class
> and related products. The question of sharing the code with Eigen came up..
> Here are my thoughts on slight changes to Eigen3 that might be required
> before the integration can be performed.
> 1. Define a Triangular_RFPF class (for lack of a better name). I don't know if
> this can be folded into the existing TriangularBase hierarchy (which assumes
> rectangular/dense 'models' being viewed). If not, then I suggest renaming the
> existing TriangularBase to TriangularViewBase and the introducing a
> TriangularBase as the CRTP base-class for all types of triangle-based views.
> 2. Define a selfadjointView() method that returns a hermitian view of the
> stored triangle. Since the Triangular_RFPF class itself will take a Lower|
> Upper mode indicator, this method won't be templated like it is for
> MatrixBase<> derivatives.
> 3. Also define a symmetricView() method that returns a symmetric view of the
> stored triangle.
> 4. The two views will be identical for real Scalar types. For complex the two
> are mutually-exclusive. So we will need to introduce a Symmetric=0x20 into
> the mode enum in util/Constants.h. For real Scalar cases, Flags &
> (SelfAdjoint|Symmetric) should be true. In other words, both bits should be
> set. For the complex case only one should.
> 5. Some kind of ei_meta_if<> will need to be used to return identical wrapper
> classes for symmetricView() and selfadjointView() if Scalar is real, so that
> existing product implementations etc. can work as is. Then, only symmetric
> products will have to be implemented for complex Scalars.
> 6. New product wrappers will have to be written when Triangular_RFPF or its
> (selfadjoint|symmetric)View() are involved but this will involve working with
> blocks of the RFPF storage matrix as discussed in the original paper so this
> part should be easy.
> 7. New triangular solver wrappers will have to be written but this should
> again be easy - the paper discusses the lower-triangular case.
> 8. The SelfAdjointView<> wrapper serves as a validator for LLT and LDLT. So
> symmetricView() for real Scalars should have a SymmetricViewReturnType
> typedef that maps to SelfAdjointView<> for real scalars. This will ensure
> minimal changes to Eigen3. Since there are no specializations of L(D)LT
> implementations for classes other than SelfAdjointView, we are good.
> 9. Since TriangularView<>, Triangular_RFPF<> and a hypothetical vanilla
> TriangularMatrix class (with LAPACK layout) share a common abstraction, this
> begs the question of whether they should inherit from siblings at some level
> since they differ either in ownership of the data or in the layout but are
> all triangle-accessors. In fact, layout and ownership are orthogonal (you can
> have a view with RFPF layout instead of the vanilla LAPACK layout), there is
> scope for more generalization but this might be too much work.
> 10. Complex symmetric matrices arise in certain differential equations
> situations and there are efficient solvers for certain classes that use
> complex orthogonal (as opposed to unitary) transformations. Having complex
> symmetric classes would be desirable at some point.
> 11. I think the complex case can be safely postponed to a later release of
> Eigen depending on use-community's interest. Then SymmetricProduct wrappers
> can be deferred. Common cases will work with the SelfAdjointProduct wrappers
> and Eigen releases won't be stalled :-)
> Thanks,
> Manoj

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