[eigen] SparseMatrix<> constructor

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I'd have a need for such a constructor :

template<typename ValIt, typename Idx1It, typename Idx2It>

SparseMatrix(ValIt vals_begin, ValIt vals_end, Idx1It idx1_begin,


that would be equivalent to :

template<typename SparseType, typename ValIt, typename RowsIt, typename


SparseType construct(typename ei_traits<SparseType>::Index rows_size,

typename ei_traits<SparseType>::Index cols_size

, ValIt vals_begin, ValIt vals_end, RowsIt rows_begin, ColsIt cols_begin){

SparseType r(rows_size, cols_size);


   RandomSetter<SparseType > setter(r);

   for(; vals_begin != vals_end; ++vals_begin, ++rows_begin,


        setter(*rows_begin, *cols_begin)= *vals_begin;



return r;


Isn't such use case common enough to warrant an appropriate constructor

for SparseMatrix ?

Best Regards,


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