Re: [eigen] Proposal: documentation for Eigen3

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Hi (and thank you all for you wonderfull work, by the way),

Am 05.06.2010 15:56, schrieb Benoit Jacob:
4) we need a bunch of [] pages on specific topics.

I do have very good (user) experience with wiki's covering "a bunch of specific topics".

Certainly, some pages begin as pure playgrounds of personal opinions, but (for central topics" they will tend to converge. There is a good chance to let the eigen-user-community produce many and high quality, topic related pages.
What do you think, community?

By the way, I'am pearl diving in all eigen news-channels I'am aware of: a) this mailing list, b) the Forum, c) the source repository. All of them have a clear rasion d'êrtre formidable. But It is hard to recover the pearls if some time is passed by. A Wiki solve this problem. I want to encourage the community (including me) to create wiki pages on special as well as on ordinary topics.
How does this fit with the master plan of the eigen nomenclature?


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