Re: [eigen] Feature suggestion: interior row and column ranges

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Am 26.06.2010 22:58, schrieb Manoj Rajagopalan:

  I've noticed leftCols(), rightCols(), topRows() and bottomRows() in the 
DenseBase API. I have, on occasion felt the need to access a contiguous range 
of rows/columns that start and end in the interior - the above functions 
allow access only to the extremes. Could DenseBase member functions, possibly 
named colRange(Index start, Index size) and rowRange(Index start, Index 
size), be supported sometime in the future?


It's already in upcomming eigen 3.0:
Use dynamic sized block: mat1.block(i,j,rows,cols)
or fixed sized block: mat1.block<rows,cols>(i,j)
to have Read-write access to sub-matrices.

see devel-doc: Tutorial Matrix Blocks


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