[eigen] 2.0.13 released

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Eigen 2.0.13 is released.

The source archive is at:

Changes since 2.0.12:

    * Fix #132: crash in certain matrix-vector products. Unit test added.
    * Fix #125: colwise norm() and squaredNorm() on complex types do
not return real types
    * Fully support the QCC/QNX compiler (thanks to Piotr Trojanek).
The support in 2.0.12 was incomplete. The whole test suite is now
    * As part of the QCC support work, a lot of standards compliance
work: put std:: in front of a lot of things such as size_t, check
whether the math library needs to be linked to explicitly...
    * Fix precision issues in LDLT. The isPositiveDefinite() method is
now always returning true, but it was conceptually broken anyway,
since a non-pivoting LDLT decomposition can't know that.
    * Compilation fix in ldlt() on expressions.
    * Actually install the Eigen/Eigen and Eigen/Dense public headers!
    * Fix readcost for complex types.
    * Fix compilation of the BTL benchmarks.
    * Some dox updates.


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