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Great initiative, two comments:
 - this is really something that needs to go into doxygen, for a few
reasons, the biggest reason being that such internal things can vary
from version to version, and the doxygen docs are specific to a given
revision of eigen, while the wiki isn't. So having this in doxygen is
much more long-term sustainable.
 - for the graphs, we need something better than storing PNGs, for
example I wanted to add "direct access case" in the Matrix column and
I couldn't. I don't know what to use. It might be that doxygen allows
us to do arbitrary graphs. I'd look at that first... A second choice
would be inline HTML: I don't know, but HTML might allow to do this
easily (without using HTML5 canvas ;-) ) a third choice would be
inline LaTeX but the result is a bitmap.


2010/6/30 Manoj Rajagopalan <rmanoj@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi eigen developers,
>  Based on detailed replies from Gael and Benoit, I've created a new developer
> documentation wiki page. The page itself is at:
>  and a link to it is available from the Developer's corner page under the
> section "Eigen hacking":
>   Right now I thought it would be a good idea to save the explanations the
> developers provide and to organize it later on as and when more information
> accumulates.
> Thanks,
> Manoj

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