[eigen] Documentation : it's a sprint!!

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I think with all the effort that's been going on in the past few
weeks, it would be a pity if we missed our beta1 date this weekend.
Code-wise, we're ready for a beta (though there are some bugs on the
issue tracker that need to be fixed). Documentation is what's blocking
us. So let's focus on that! Especially the long tutorial.

- I'll commit my page 1 in a short moment
- Carlos, can you please send us what you have for pages 2-3, if
they're not ready yet then I'll do the work.
- everyone else, write here if you plan to take care of other pages
for the long tutorial, or special topics.

It would be good to have documentation in a decent state by Saturday.
I'm OK to delay tagging until Sunday. Release a couple of days after


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