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you can do e.g.
Eigen::SparseMatrix<float> col_major;
Eigen::SparseMatrix<float, Eigen::RowMajor> row_major;

I wonder whether this is what you are asking for. col_major is stored in CSC
(compressed sparse column format) whereas row_major is stored in CRS
(compressed sparse row format).


Andrea Arteaga wrote:
> I have a related question: will others storage strategies than CRS provided?
> It would be nice to also have the column-major version of that, CSC.
> Andrea Arteaga
> 2010/6/14 Sameer Agarwal <sameeragarwal@xxxxxxxxxx>
> > Hi Guys,
> > I understand that the sparse matrix support in eigen2 was experimental
> > and no more bug fixes to it are planned. What is the plan for sparse
> > matrix support in eigen3. Is it going to remain an experimental part
> > of the library or will it be a fully supported part of it?
> >
> > Sameer
> >
> >
> >

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