Re: [eigen] MAXITER in the Eigenvalue module

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Benoit Jacob wrote:
Wow, yet another proof that we don't have the same kind of users. Many
projects out there just disable c++ exceptions, so I wouldn't rely on
them for a _feature_ ! Moreover, if they do enable exceptions, this
forces the user to enclose calls to your API in a try { ... } catch,
because nobody would want to crash on numerical issues. I guess that
_you_ can rely on your users to accept all that - scientific users,
etc. That said I can see that the idea of using exceptions for that
has merit, since it is about reporting an error that only the caller
(far away in the calling stack) knows how to react to.
Well, we actually cheat as th euser can choose between ignoring them (NT2_NO_EXCEPTIONS) or turn them into assertion (NT2_EXCEPTIONS_AS_ASSERT). The fact si that, for a given number of scenarii
exceptions are the only thing that make sense. Error code are so 1789 :/

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