[eigen] MAXITER in the Eigenvalue module

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I am wondering what should happen if the iterative process does not converge. The Schur and tridiagonalization decomposition, and indirectly all eigensolvers, are based on an iteration. At the moment, the code prints "MAXITER" to cerr and leaves the object in an inconsistent state when the maximum number of iterations (hardcoded to be 30) is reached.
I think that the SVD procedure has similar issues.

As I understand it, it is extremely unlikely that you need more than 30 iterations. I haven't yet seen an example in you reach this limit, but on the other hand there does not seem to be a proof that the algorithm terminates. So I guess we should design the API while keeping in mind that the algorithm may not succeed.

One possibility is to add a member function isInitialized() which returns true if the computation was successful. That would not break any existing programs. Ideally, compute() would return a bool indicating success, but at the moment compute() in EigenSolver and SelfAdjointEigenSolver returns *this. That is actually inconsistent, because compute() in ComplexEigenSolver and the various matrix decomposition classes return void. What shall we do about this?


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