[eigen] Nullary test in fab6e2c5ce0e

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Hi everyone. This is my first post to the list, so first thanks to all the Eigen developers for developing this amazing library.

I was talking with Jacob (bjacob) in the IRC channel and ran the check tests on the last dev branch and got some errors that Jacob did not get on his computer.
One of them was already fixed but there is still one pending, and Jacob told me to post this message.

So, enough introduction: the problem is in nullary.cpp, line 90, namely:
    VERIFY( (row_vector-col_vector.transpose()).norm() < 1e-10 );

I modified the cpp file to show the value of the norm() and got (showing different runs below):

(row_vector-col_vector.transpose()).norm() = 3.05176e-05
(row_vector-col_vector.transpose()).norm() = 0.000119118
(row_vector-col_vector.transpose()).norm() = 1.57031e-05

Problems are in nullary_7 and nullary_8 when ran on the automatic check.

So, as Jacob pointed out, is this a bug in the current dev branch or should this condition be loosened?

Best regards,

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