Re: [eigen] To initialize or not to initialize

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Benoit Jacob wrote:
2010/4/16 Adolfo Rodríguez Tsouroukdissian <adolfo.rodriguez@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
Looking into the code of various decompositions I've seen that the
constructors for input matrix are sometimes implemented like this (dummy

fooDecomp(const MatrixType& matrix) : m_mat(matrix.rows(), matrix.rows())

and sometimes like this:

fooDecomp(const MatrixType& matrix) // <- Notice no initialization

First of all, I'd like to propose uniforming this (I could do it), but I
also wanted to know how big a difference is there between the two

The better version is the one with the initialization list. The other,
without initialization list, means that in case of a dynamic matrix,
it is initialized with size 0 and then resized by the compute()
method. This amounts almost exactly to the same, there is just a tiny
bit of inefficiency here.

Init list also adds exceptions safety

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