Re: [eigen] about the semantic of MaxRows, MaxCols

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Over here Matrix<float,3,3,0,4,4> does not even compile but let's
assume we used Matrix<float,Dynamic,Dynamic,0,4,4> ...

I think it is ok, that Matrix behaves as it does right now, i.e. I am
fine with what is happening here

Matrix<float,Dynamic,Dynamic,0,4,4> m(3,3);
m << 1,4,7,  2,5,8,  3,6,9;
std::cout << m << std::end;
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

What is unfortunate is that this shows me right away that I have a
huge bug in conservativeResize for stack objects...

std::cout << m << std::endl;
.... rubbish ...

So there is some work to do.

Back to the topic. What Gael proposes sounds like stride support in Matrix...

- Hauke

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