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Hi Gael,

nice job, I'm sure many users will be very happy to see this

Thanks :)

meaning the overhead of such a wrapper is largely dominated by calls
to operator new. So maybe the conclusions of that could be: - is
there a way to reduce such heap allocations ? and if not: - for the
user prefer "inplace" operators whenever it is possible - functions
like add(a,b,r) doing r = a+b would be ugly but much faster than r =
a+b, well, unless there is a way in python to map r = a+b to
add(a,b,r) ? - I'm only nitpicking ? ;)

Yes, I'm aware there might be overhead with creating Python & Eigen objects. I'm planning to see if there's room for optimization there in the future. Note that currently PyEigen does have inline operators too, eg. a *= b, maybe I should benchmark them separately.

I'll also have to see how the module will be used in practice to see if *= style inline operators are enough or if I should add "mul(a, b, r)" style methods. Mapping functions that way can't be done due to the nature of Python.

Thanks for the input in any case, it's appreciated!


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