Re: [eigen] [patch] LDLt decomposition with rank-deficient matrices

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2010/2/28 Ben Goodrich <bgokgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On Sat, Feb 27, 2010 at 7:04 PM, Ben Goodrich <bgokgm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> So, it sounds like I just need to try to implement it every way that I
>> can think of and see how well / fast they work out.
> Okay, how about we add a pivot option to the LDLt? It would be true by
> default but the user could set it to false to get the LDLt without
> pivoting from eigen2 (but updated to the eigen3 API). Strong opinions
> either way? I've got a preliminary version of that up and running now
> that I am starting to test.

Yup, if all you need is an option to disable pivoting, that sounds
reasonable. No strong opinion against it.

I'd still like to clearly understand the use --- i'll reply to your other email.

> Ben
> P.S. The default branch doesn't compile at the moment with anything
> that #includes "eigen/Eigen/Eigen"

oops, my bad. The temporary fix is to include <iostream> before.


> g++ -O2 -o compile_error.o
> In file included from eigen/Eigen/Eigenvalues:42,
>                 from eigen/Eigen/QR:67,
>                 from eigen/Eigen/Dense:4,
>                 from eigen/Eigen/Eigen:1,
>                 from
> eigen/Eigen/src/Eigenvalues/ComplexSchur.h: In member function ‘void
> Eigen::ComplexSchur<_MatrixType>::compute(const _MatrixType&, bool)’:
> eigen/Eigen/src/Eigenvalues/ComplexSchur.h:194: error: ‘cerr’ is not a
> member of ‘std’
> In file included from eigen/Eigen/Sparse:95,
>                 from eigen/Eigen/Eigen:2,
>                 from
> eigen/Eigen/src/Sparse/DynamicSparseMatrix.h: In member function ‘void
> Eigen::DynamicSparseMatrix<_Scalar, _Flags>::resizeAndKeepData(int,
> int)’:
> eigen/Eigen/src/Sparse/DynamicSparseMatrix.h:239: error: ‘cerr’ is not
> a member of ‘std’

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