Re: [eigen] ICE with gcc-4.4.3

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Or, if it's not easy to isolate a short test case, can you generate
the preprocessed sources. For that, rebuild your project with
VERBOSE=1 make ...

so you see the actual g++ command lines. Then copy and paste the
relevant command line and add -save-temps. This will generate a .ii
file. You can then reproduce by just doing:

  g++ filename.ii

So can you compress this file and attach filename.ii.bz2 to an email
to this list...


2010/2/9 Helmut Jarausch <jarausch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On  9 Feb, Thomas Capricelli wrote:
>> I've updated gcc last night, and now when compiling with eigen trunk, i got an internal compiler error (aka, gcc segfaults) on
>> ../../eigen/Eigen/src/Core/DenseStorageBase.h:516:
>> It's reproduceable in the sense that several of my *cpp triggers this, through different include 'paths'....
>> Do you have the same problem?
> Could you please post a short example? (I have gcc-4.4.3 running on my
> Gentoo system)
> Helmut.
> --
> Helmut Jarausch
> Lehrstuhl fuer Numerische Mathematik
> RWTH - Aachen University
> D 52056 Aachen, Germany

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