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Hi !

The meeting is just over, and everybody is coming back home. We just
updated the TODO for 3.0,
and there are only a "finite number" of big outstanding items blocking
the release. Still, we must get them done.

We'll set up a wiki page summarizing the meeting (everybody is welcome
to start doing this !!) and linking to the slides. By the way, if you
haven't already done so, please send your slides, e.g. to this list if
you don't have tuxfamily access!

Find attached a group photo taken by Patrice, who is Thomas' associate
at InModelia. From left to right:

Aron, Gael, Hauke, Mathieu, Thomas, Benoit

Thanks a lot to everybody who came! and thanks to our great sponsors:
 - INRIA hosted the meeting on Friday
 - InSeal hosted the meeting on Saturday and Sunday
 - InModelia paid for the wine!

(It's a policy that we have in Eigen that we only accept sponsoring
from organizations starting in "In...")


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