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Thanks Mark!

2010/1/26 Mark Borgerding <mark@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Wonderful news!
> I love to hear stories about people's generosity coming full circle and
> paying them back.  Call it karma. Call it the golden rule.  Call it the
> cosmic interrelatedness of all things.   It is only fitting that your
> passion should find you a job.  You've devoted so much of yourself to your
> passion.
> "Find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life" -- author ???
> Benoit Jacob wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've been hired at Mozilla! I'll be working in Toronto (where I
>> currently live) and will start in May. Thanks so much to Hauke and
>> Gael who supported my application!! It's definitely Eigen that got me
>> the job. I can really say that working on an open source project
>> really pays off when you're looking for a job, at least at companies
>> that "get it".
>> The legal situation about working on Eigen in my spare time while
>> employed at Mozilla is completely clear, there's no problem at all. I
>> just hope that I will still have enough time to do so. In any case,
>> I'm trying to start only on May 10 to give me some time to assist with
>> the eigen 3.0 beta1 rush. And you know me, I can't live very long away
>> from Eigen.
>> Benoit

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