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2009/12/1 Hauke Heibel <hauke.heibel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> You are right. It really sucks. Even switching to initialization lists and
> declaring like everything with throw() does not change the issue.
> But coming back to my previous proposal. Why should we implement a
> destructor when there is nothing to do. I agree, that in some cases it might
> be required but then we could do that in those cases. The thing is that
> there is one case left which we ignored. Destrcutors can be trivial
> (required for objects you want to put in unions,
> and it is not possible to declare a destructor as such when it is explicitly
> implemented.
> So since tagging with throw() does not help we should get rid of the Matrix
> destructor as well es the remaining (some specializations already have none)
> ei_matrix_storage destructors (when possible).

Feel free to remove any existing trivial destructor. And, I didn't
know about the unions thing.


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