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This can't be done in such generality: precompiled headers can be
invalidated by a different choice of compiler flags and predefined
preprocessor symbols, for instance. So, only the user can generate his
own precompiled headers.

However, in the case of our unit tests, we can do something. We can't
have global compiler headers for the same reason as above, but we
should be able to make it so that when a given unit test is split into
10 executables, a precompiled header is build once and then reused.
Some care must be used, because each of the 10 channels has a
different value of CALL_SUBTEST_x etc... but definitely something can
be done here, and that would probably allow to build unit tests 2x

If anyone wants to give it a try, maybe start from:


2009/12/14 Rohit Garg <rpg.314@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> It'd be cool to have an option added in the cmake file which would
> generate precompiled headers for all the modules respectively. This
> should help with compilation times.
> Cheers,
> --
> Rohit Garg
> Senior Undergraduate
> Department of Physics
> Indian Institute of Technology
> Bombay

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