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Finally a real contribution to eigen - it was about time. I just wrote a
pretty printer for Eigen::Matrix gdb-7.0 and later.

To use it:

* create a directory and put the file as well as an empty __init__.py in
that directory
* Create a ~/.gdbinit file, that contains the following:

import sys
sys.path.insert(0, '/path/to/eigen/printer/directory')
from printers import register_eigen_printers
register_eigen_printers (None)


- It currently only supports Eigen::Matrix and no other type (such as
quaternions etc). Patches welcome :)
- I wrote it using the stable branch of eigen. I don't know whether it
works with hg
- It's still kind of hacky, mostly because of the limitations of the
gdb.python framework

It seems that the gdb hackers want the pretty printer scripts included
in the respective patches, so my final goal would be to have it in eigen-hg


# Pretty printers for Eigen::Matrix
# Author: Benjamin Schindler <bschindler@xxxxxxxxxxx>
# This is still pretty basic as the python extension to gdb is still pretty basic. 
# It cannot handle complex eigen types and it doesn't support any of the other eigen types
# Such as quaternion or some other type. 
# This code supports fixed size as well as dynamic size matrices
# Licence - ment to be included in Eigen, so dual GPLv3 or LGPL
# NOTE: This code was only tested with the stable branch of eigen!

import gdb
import re
import itertools

class EigenMatrixPrinter:
	"Print Eigen Matrix of some kind"

	def __init__(self, val):
		"Extract all the necessary information"
		# The gdb extension does not support value template arguments - need to extract them by hand
		self.type = val.type.unqualified().strip_typedefs()
		tag = self.type.tag
		regex = re.compile('\<.*\>')
		m = regex.findall(tag)[0][1:-1]
		template_params = m.split(',')
		template_params = map(lambda x:x.replace(" ", ""), template_params)

		self.rows = int(template_params[1])
		self.cols = int(template_params[2])

		if self.rows == 10000:
			self.rows = val['m_storage']['m_rows']

		if self.cols == 10000:
			self.cols = val['m_storage']['m_cols']

		self.innerType = self.type.template_argument(0)

		self.val = val

	class _iterator:
		def __init__ (self, rows, cols, dataPtr):
			self.rows = rows
			self.cols = cols
			self.dataPtr = dataPtr
			self.currentRow = 0
			self.currentCol = 0

		def __iter__ (self):
			return self

		def next(self):
			if self.currentCol >= self.cols:
				raise StopIteration

			row = self.currentRow
			col = self.currentCol
			self.currentRow = self.currentRow + 1
			if self.currentRow >= self.rows:
				self.currentRow = 0
				self.currentCol = self.currentCol + 1

			item = self.dataPtr.dereference()
			self.dataPtr = self.dataPtr + 1

			return ('[%d, %d]' % (row, col), item)

	def children(self):
		data = self.val['m_storage']['m_data']
		# Fixed size matrices have a struct as their storage, so we need to walk through this
		if data.type.code == gdb.TYPE_CODE_STRUCT:
			data = data['array']
			data = data.cast(self.innerType.pointer())
		return self._iterator(self.rows, self.cols, data)

	def to_string(self):
		return "Eigen::Matrix<%s,%d,%d>" % (self.innerType, self.rows, self.cols)

def build_eigen_dictionary ():
	pretty_printers_dict[re.compile('^Eigen::Matrix<.*>$')] = lambda val: EigenMatrixPrinter(val)

def register_eigen_printers(obj):
	"Register eigen pretty-printers with objfile Obj"

	if obj == None:
		obj = gdb

def lookup_function(val):
	"Look-up and return a pretty-printer that can print va."

	type = val.type

	if type.code == gdb.TYPE_CODE_REF:
		type = type.target()
	type = type.unqualified().strip_typedefs()

	typename = type.tag
	if typename == None:
		return None

	for function in pretty_printers_dict:
		if function.search(typename):
			return pretty_printers_dict[function](val)

	return None

pretty_printers_dict = {}

build_eigen_dictionary ()

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