[eigen] Test scripts improvements, and happy new year!

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Some improvements to the test scripts ./buildtests and ./check: they
now take only 1 parameter, the regular expression. If you want to
control the number of jobs, this is now done with the EIGEN_MAKE_ARGS
and EIGEN_CTEST_ARGS environment variables. The best part is that I
just had a chat with my friend Marcus who works at Kitware, and he
told me about an undocumented feature in CTest 2.8: it takes a -j

So you could add this to your .bashrc (or wherever you put your
environment variables):

 # The following works with GNU make and lets it use 5 concurrent build jobs:
 export EIGEN_MAKE_ARGS=-j5
 # The following works with CTest >= 2.8 and lets it use 5 concurrent test jobs:
 export EIGEN_CTEST_ARGS=-j5

Happy new year!


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