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There is an undocumented feature in Visual Studio which let's you avoid stepping into certain functions when you're debugging. This could be very helpful when debugging Eigen, since you often have to step in and out of trivial functions before getting to the real functionality.
e.g. : 

      return ei_assign_selector<Derived,OtherDerived,false>::run(this->derived(), other.derived());

Here you would have to step into derived() twice, before getting into the more interesting run().

The fix consists of adding the following registry key to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\VisualStudio\9.0\NativeDE\StepOver

which will disable stepping into any empty constructor like MatrixBase::MatrixBase()

I have attached a registry patch, but it would be great if someone could test it before I put it on the wiki. Also post candidates here for the most annoying functions to be included.

For reference here is a blog post describing the feature http://blogs.msdn.com/andypennell/archive/2004/02/06/69004.aspx..


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