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I see what you're trying to do, i've been trying to do the same (a
fork having only the default branch). Never been able to get that to
work, so my personal solution has been to just clone all branches,
especially as the 2.0 branch isn't adding much to the size of the
repository. So in your case, I'd just do "push -f" and create that
remote branch. It's useless in your case, but it doesn't hurt.... then
perhaps Thomas knows a better solution for you :)


2009/11/4 Björn Piltz <bjornpiltz@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi all,
> I've created a fork which I want to keep up to date with eigen devel.
> I tried the following:
> hg pull -r default
> hg merge
> hg commit
> hg out
>> (lot's of changes)
> hg push
>>pushing to
>>searching for changes
>>abort: push creates new remote branch '2.0'!
> Any idea how I can get passed this?

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