[eigen] Sparse Matrices, CHOLMOD & Windows

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I have a chunk of code that compiles on Linux, but when I try to compile it
on Windows I get this:

1>c:\documents and settings\jmaclean\my documents\my
code\eigen2-2.0.9\eigen2\eigen\src\sparse\cholmodsupport.h(215) : error
C2244: 'Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,2>::matrixL' : unable to match function
definition to an existing declaration
1>        c:\documents and settings\jmaclean\my documents\my
code\eigen2-2.0.9\eigen2\eigen\src\sparse\cholmodsupport.h(157) : see
declaration of 'Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,2>::matrixL'
1>        definition
1>        'const SparseLLT<MatrixType>::CholMatrixType
&Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,2>::matrixL(void) const'
1>        existing declarations
1>        'const Eigen::SparseMatrix<MatrixType::Scalar,2048>
&Eigen::SparseLLT<MatrixType,2>::matrixL(void) const'

I have SuiteSparse installed, and have


#include <Eigen/Core>
#include <Eigen/Geometry>
#include <Eigen/Sparse>
#include <Eigen/Cholesky>

as includes.

I'm new to using the SparseMatrix support, so I'm not sure where to start
with this one.



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