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In data lunedì 23 novembre 2009 21:38:37, Rhys Ulerich ha scritto:
> I think it'd be better to leave it as lib/pkgconfig.  An informal survey
>  comparing 'ls -1 /usr/share/pkgconfig | wc -l' with the same on
>  /usr/lib/pkgconfig shows the latter winning by a factor of 6:1.
> Was the intent just to avoid touching lib in any way since eigen has no
>  installed .so?  Was there some other rationale?

Here i have 674 for /usr/lib/pkgconfig and 9 for /usr/share/pkgconfig so the 
factor is even greater.

Ingmar told me about this change. Which makes sense : /usr/lib is for stuff 
that depends on the architecture (binary), and /usr/share for independant 
stuff. For example in my /usr/share/pkgconfig i currently have : 

gnome-doc-utils.pc  gnome-icon-theme.pc  gnome-mime-data-2.0.pc  icon-naming-
utils.pc  iso-codes.pc  shared-mime-info.pc  taglib-sharp.pc  usbutils.pc  
I can see that, for example, xtrans indeed only install arch-independant files.

Now, i did a quick search for documentation about pkg-config and could not find 
any specification or indication. Source tarballs and homepage have nothing, the 
'guide' link on is broken..... 

As a conclusion, i feel ok with the current setup, until someone finds any 
more-or-less official indication or recommendation that /usr/share/pkgconfig 
should not be used.

(of course, if there's any inconvenient in keeping our *.pc fie here, i would 
like to know about it... any packager here?)

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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