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Finally I found that the "credits" page was not so cool... so, see the
main page on the wiki, I reverted to something without numbers.

The basic problem is that the numbers were really more meaningless
than I anticipated. Perhaps that seems obvious to you, but somehow I
was living in the delusion that the numbers represented something
solid. Then I renamed the file COPYING to COPYING.GPL and boom, my
numbers increased by +1000. Then I understood ;) Conversely there are
all these features that take a week to code and fine-tune and result
in just 100 lines changes... So, all I can say is "sorry for the

My main motivation for using these numbers in the wiki was to get rid
of the artificial barrier between "Core contributor" and others,
especially when i see the recent work of people like Hauke and
Thomas... but precisely, Thomas encouraged me over IRC to come back to
the old system, and the new system (with numbers) was especially
unfair to Thomas,.. so it all was just a bad idea without much


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