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On 11/25/2009 06:37 AM, rodrigo benenson wrote:
The hamming distance consists on doing XOR between two vectors and
then counting the number of bits in the resulting vector.

Any suggestion on how to do this ?

The easy way:
In SSE4.2, there is a POPCNT (population count) instruction that counts the set bits.

The hard way:
On processors that lack a popcnt instruction, you can add the bits in parallel.
* use bitwise AND to mask a word into two words: one with even bits [ .... b4 0 b2 0 b0 ] and one with odd [ ... b3 0 b1 0 ]
* shift one of the words right one bit so their LSBs line up
* add the one-bit numbers in parallel with integer addition
* mask the 2-bit words,right shift by 2,and add the 2-bit numbers in parallel (creating half as many 3 bit numbers) * mask the 3 bit words,right shift by 4 and add the 3-bit numbers in parallel * mask the 4-bit words,right shift by 8 and add the 4-bit numbers in parallel. Each of these 4 bit numbers represents the number of set bits in each byte.
* continue as many more rounds as your word length requires

This could be extended to 128 bit words or beyond.

There is an implementation for 32 bit words at

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