[eigen] Eigen 2.0.10 released

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Eigen 2.0.10 is released.

The source archive is at:

Changes since 2.0.9:

    * Rewrite 4x4 matrix inverse to improve precision, and add a new
unit test to guarantee that precision. It's less fast, but it's still
faster than the cofactors method.
    * Fix bug #62: crash in SSE code with MSVC 2008 (Thanks to Hauke Heibel).
    * Fix bug #65: MatrixBase::nonZeros() was recursing infinitely
    * Fix PowerPC platform detection on Mac OSX.
    * Prevent the construction of bogus MatrixBase objects and
generate good compilation errors for that. Done by making the default
constructor protected, and adding some private constructors.
    * Add option to initialize all matrices by zero: just #define
    * Improve Map documentation
    * Install the pkg-config file to share/pkgconfig, instead of
lib/pkgconfig (thanks to Thomas Capricelli)
    * fix warnings
    * fix compilation with MSVC 2010
    * adjust to repository name change


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