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I forgot to say that you still have per-test targets like

  make test_lu

they build all the smaller executables.

So the big advantage is that now, when you want to build only 1 test,
you can already take advantage of your multi-core CPU!
So proud owners of 4-core machines can do

  make -j5 test_lu

and have that completed in a few seconds!


2009/10/19 Benoit Jacob <jacob.benoit.1@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Hi,
> I've implemented a new system in the refactor_solve_api fork. It
> allows to split tests into smaller executables. It is optional,
> requires a few changes for each test to take effect, and can be
> globally disabled.
> When you have a unit test that does:
>   CALL_SUBTEST((foo(MatrixXf(20,20))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST((foo(MatrixXf(50,50))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST((foo(MatrixXd(20,20))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST((foo(MatrixXd(50,50))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST((foo(MatrixXcf(20,20))));
> All you need to do to benefit from this, is to add little suffixes
> 1,2,3... to specify how to split this into separate executables. Do:
>   CALL_SUBTEST1((foo(MatrixXf(20,20))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST1((foo(MatrixXf(50,50))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST2((foo(MatrixXd(20,20))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST2((foo(MatrixXd(50,50))));
>   CALL_SUBTEST3((foo(MatrixXcf(20,20))));
> If you want something more generic, you can test for the preprocessor
> symbol EIGEN_TEST_PART_<N> being defined, for N=1,2,3... , for example
> if you have
>   foo<MatrixXf>();
>   foo<MatrixXd>();
> you can also do:
> #if defined EIGEN_TEST_PART_1
>   foo<MatrixXf>();
> #elif defined EIGEN_TEST_PART_1
>   foo<MatrixXd>();
> #endif
> It works as follows: ei_add_test parses the source file for the
> greatest occurence N, then generates N targets for 1...N each with
> EIGEN_TEST_PART_i defined.
> If you want to disable this and get the old behavior, set the option
> Here, this allows my little laptop to build tests with -j2 without
> swapping, while it used to swap a lot already with -j1. Tests build
> much faster here.
> Benoit

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