[eigen] Way to obtain AdjointReturnType?

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Hi all,

I've got a templated function with a signature like
   ReturnType foo(AnEigenMatrixType bar)
where AnEigenMatrixType can be an instantiation of Eigen::Matrix<...>.  I'd like ReturnType to be AnEigenMatrixType with its SelfAdjointBit set because I know the computation in foo() guarentees me a self-adjoint result.

I noticed that MatrixBase<Derived> has AdjointReturnType used in adjoint(), but my attempts like Eigen::MatrixBase<Eigen::Matrix<Scalar,3,1> >::AdjointReturnType haven't worked (public-vs-private, but it could be me being dumb with templates).  Functionality like part<Eigen::SelfAdjoint> doesn't quite do what I'd like because I want to propagate the self-adjointedness of ReturnType back out to other routines.

What am I missing?


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