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I see, I didn't think of that.

Let's first do the other changes and finalize the API and members,
then we'll see what to do about that.


2009/9/10  <yo.eres@xxxxxxxxx>:
> I was also in doubt about that use of "mutable". The idea was that the
> computing of QR later than by the constructor is a const "action". For
> example, if one writes a function like this:
> template<typename MatrixType> void my_funct (const GivensQR<MatrixType>&
> qr);
> in which he uses a const version of a QR decomposition, then the function
> should maybe compute the decomposition. Besides, the matrixQ() and matrixR()
> methods should be const from the user's point of view, but these methods
> call the compute_xy(), so compute_xy() should also be const. This implies
> that all the properties should be mutable.
> On the other hand, if we decide that the stored matrices are not mutable,
> then the methods cannot be const...
> Andrea Arteaga

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