Re: [eigen] Can we prevent that this compiles?

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On Wednesday 30 September 2009 16:29:51 Hauke Heibel wrote:
> I think I prefer the second solution. It's less hassle... there were even a
> third solution when it were possible to take the Matrix ctors explicit. But
> there I think we rely on the implicit conversion.

Hm, what was the third solution?
Also, what solution do you refer to as the second solution? For me, the first 
is the additional user-defined conversion to ConstRef, the second is the 
template constructor.
The reason why I like the first solution better is that it does not add any 
constructors. There's one major benefit, consider:

	Replicate<MatrixXd::RowXpr,2,1> rep(5);

Here, the compiler won't find a suitable constructor and will probably list 
the set of candidates. That might be very helpful. With the second approach, a 
suitable constructor *is* found, but instantiation leads to an unusual compile 
error. (The templated constructor could be restricted to types that are 
actually convertible to T (sfinae, boost::enable_if-like), but that would be a 
real mess in my opinion)

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