Re: [eigen] CDASH-Speedup: "Homer" how did you do it?

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Hi Hauke,

Hauke Heibel schrieb:
I just comitted the changes - they can easily be undone in case they
are causing problems.

- Hauke

On Fri, Aug 28, 2009 at 12:50 AM, FMDSPAM<fmdspam@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi "Homer",

I want to ask you for the steps you have done from cdash test runs this
afternoon to tonight.

May setup is (or maybe i probably have to say was) similar to yours
(Vista+MSVC etc) and it is relatively very slow.
What is to do, to get the a speedup similar to yours in the past few hours
in the cdash suite?

Frank (cdash: "Gordo")
Thank you Hauke,
running the complete cdash testsuite only takes roughly half the test time (from 22 min down to 11 min) .
This is fine.

But there is still a big gab remaining:
"Homer" 27.08.09 test time  2.4 min (build time 57.5 min !!!!)
compared to
"Gordo" 29.08.09 test time 11.2 min (build time 16.5 min)

CDash is not a benchmark arena and a testsuite is not meant to be quick,
but i would love to understand the reasons (and avoid build times in terms of hours).


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