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On Saturday 29 August 2009 17:13:30 Benoit Jacob wrote:
> 2009/8/28 Markus Moll <markus.moll@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> > Granted, it would change the interface
> Indeed, if we wanted to fix issue 1 above, we'd have to break
> compatibility. That's not doable at this point: people expect Eigen
> 2.0.6 to be fully compatible with Eigen 2.0.5.
> What I can propose to you is instead to add the development branch's
> StdVector as NewStdVector in the 2.0 branch. In this way, people who
> want StdVector as in the devel branch would just include NewStdVector
> instead of StdVector. So people have choice and compatibility isn't
> disrupted.
> Daniel, Markus, would you like this?

Well, to me it doesn't really matter (I mostly use the development branch 
anyway). I just saw that people ran into the same problems I had run into 
before, so I was wondering why (I wasn't aware that the fix had only been 
applied to the development branch).

However, I think that it would be a good idea to introduce something like 
NewStdVector in 2.0. How about implementing that via #ifdefs in StdVector? In 
my opinion it's slightly easier to remove -DEIGEN_USE_NEW_STDVECTOR from the 
compile flags once 2.1 is out...

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