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In data mercoledì 12 agosto 2009 23:34:34, Benoit Jacob ha scritto:
> 1) we currently have a template machine_epsilon<Scalar>() that is
> redundant with std::numeric_limits at least for standard numeric
> types.

Yes, i'm for removing redundancy. As it is still possible to use 
specialization for our own types, this doesn't have any bad effects.

> to work. I suggest that the default value for "precision" be -1, and
> that this special value means "use the current precision of the
> stream".

I'm not sure I understand everything, but if the stream already has a 
'precision', why does eigen add another one ? Anyway i'm all for outputting 
double/float with LOTs of decimals by default, or at least that it is easy to 
do so. Most of my output is meant to check precision by comparing with 
reference numbers.

Thomas Capricelli <orzel@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

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